30 Jul 2016


I do have drafts
Doesn't feel safe to express my feeling here

p.s spm in just 100 days *gasp* and me still wanna be dentist.

28 Jul 2016

I love me

I want to hug you so tightly that your broken pieces fit back together

I want to write you poems with Elmers glue so you don't just read these words or hear them but they stick to you

I want to smile as wide as the ocean and drown your pain in the soft waves of a vast space

I want to open my heart like the petals of a rose and wrap the dancing fragrance of love around your heart

I want to listen to you speak with ears of endless mountains echoing back every word, every feeling and pain you never felt this world had heard

I want to rise like the sun upon the horizon of your hopelessness breaking the cage of your darkest nights

I want to hold you like the womb  of your mother once did, safe and trusting that whatever you needed I would give

I want to push every color of pain back through the prism of the past

I want to grow a garden from the clouds in your eyes to show you ever pain comes with a blossom

I want to hold your hand with the sweetness of the soft strength that your father never could find the recipe to

I want to love you not like the ocean loves the shore
Always leaving

I want to love you not like the sun loves the earth
Always leaving

I want to love you like the stars love the sky,
How even in the daytime they remain hiding behind the brightness of the suns light

I want to love you in a language beyond words

I want to love you in a color beyond hue

I want to love you in a sound beyond waves

I want to love you as God loves me, reflecting his light
Like a full moon with my greatest intention of manifesting His mercy and truth

I want to love you without conditions, or rules, or boxes

I want to love you because your very existence inspires love
Like how the sun's existence inspires the flowers to bloom

I want to love you for no other reason than because your light inspires my heart to bow
Like the angels did to the divine truths that are hidden yet so apparent inside of you

I want to love you because you are love itself

I want to love you
I want to love you

But most of all

I want you to love you